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Success is not merely a question of luck or genius. It depend upon the right kind of education and an intelligent application of thinking of mind by the child under the healthier climate.In the modern era, as it is seen, one needs to be progressive,attached to cultural roots, one’s mission is to help young mind grow and learn in an amicable environment ready to meet the challenges of society, resulting in their all round development, of become good human beings and blending the glorious Indian Culture with times without losing in essence.

It is in schools only that the foundation of a good society is laid and the future of a powerful nation built. The strength of a nation lies in the harmonious development of its most precious resource – “the children”. The Nation will automatically join the league of super powers, If the standard and quality of education imparted to future generation is par excellence . School is that particular part in a child’s life, which begins to chisel and carne his innate being. It is at the school environment which has a special riche in the life of every child. Education is a priority and learning happens all day long, not just inside a class-room, but beyond the learning of the 3R’s – reading, writing and arithmetic, a child require much more for his all round development. And for that, Manohar Vatika Public School is the only place where you can acquire all that with a philosophy of “Learning by Playing”


Principal's Message
I am pleased to welcome you to MVPS fold. Thank you for considering the MANOHAR VATIKA PUBLIC SCHOOL for your schooling. Our name is our touchstone.It is recognised and respected in and around the region for its excellence in studeis. We are a community of research ....
Manager's Message
Manohar Vatika Public School is Started with a missionary zeal. It really provides the appropraite environment for the students, instructing and helping them to develope a harmonious personality. The features like perfect discipline, neat and clean envioronment, well organised studies, ...
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